SA 8000

Injecta is fully aware of the economic and social role it plays in the context in which it operates; just for this reason, it is increasingly committed to improving the staff working conditions, an integral part of the organization, in total respect of their dignity and freedom. Senior management is convinced that through its commitment and therefore the implementation of a system of social responsibility, it can progressively disseminate principles, ethic and social values, to all people involved inside and outside the organization.
In this perspective, Injecta considers employees and collaborators the greatest resource, guarantees their rights and supports their professional and personal development. It also considers its suppliers as a fundamental part, in view of the quality of its products and services and for the achievement of social equity objectives. Through this Policy for Social Responsibility, Injecta is committed to:

  • Comply with all the requirements of the SA 8000 standard;
  • Respect national laws and regulations, applicable to the activity it carries out, and relating to the protection and safeguarding of workers at the workplace (Legislative Decree 81/08);
  • Respect Laws, provisions, international recommendations and their interpretations officially issued by the appointed Human Rights bodies (ILO - UN);

In order to achieve its objectives, the company is committed to spreading the principles of social responsibility, involving all employees and collaborators, thanks also to the support of the SA 800 Worker Representative, as well as its suppliers, sub-suppliers and other interested parties.
In particular, the requirements that the company commits to respecting and making its suppliers respect, relate to:

  • Total absence of child labor in general, and also in the production cycle of suppliers, outsourcee and commercial partners;
  • Absence of any form of forced labor;
  • Absence of workers in force against their will, under threat of punishment or blackmail in general;
  • Neither the organization, nor suppliers, collaborators and partners, use or support human trafficking.
  • Guaranteeing all workers, without any distinction, an adequate and safe working environment;
  • Guaranteeing workers an adequate assessment of the risks, also related to any protective device, collective and individual, to be provided to workers;
  • Organizing, implementing and keeping active the integrated management system, with a particular focus on health and safety aspects (therefore compliant with the UNI ISO 45001 standard).
  • Respecting the right of trade union freedom and promotion of collective negotiation;
  • Freedom to elect trade union representatives and to join trade unions.
  • Right to a decent wage and working hours complying with the provisions of the National Collective Labor Agreement for all employees;
  • Guarantee of an adequate salary, sufficient for a decent and dignified life, complying with the provisions of the National Collective Labor Agreement.
  • Implementation of the disciplinary regulation, as provided for by the National Collective Labor Agreement, prohibiting, therefore any physical punishment, threat and verbal violence.
  • Guarantee of a fair wage for all workers, without distinction of sex, race, religion, political opinion, nationality or social class.
  • Prohibition of any form of discrimination, such as exclusion or preference based on race, age, religion, political opinion, nationality or social class.
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of the integrated system implemented by the Company;
The commitment to Social Responsibility that Injecta has assumed consists of actions aimed at:
  • Maintaining an integrated management system concerning quality, environment, safety and social responsibility, in order to guarantee the correct implementation of all company processes, with the utmost respect for the work of all employees and collaborators;
  • Ensuring continuous monitoring and improvement of social responsibility performance;
  • Raising awareness of all the concerned parties (internal and external), on ethic and social issues, making them visibile through the website or through other appropriate forms of advertising;
  • Making this Policy public and accessible to all company workers, through the publication on the bulletin board, the posting on the company website and an adequate training.
Since November 2016, Injecta has founded a Social Performance Team (SPT). To date, the SPT is made up of the Management Representative (RDD) and an employee.
The SPT has the following tasks:
  • Collaborating with Senior Management for the correct application of the Standards;
  • Facilitate communication between workers and the management;
  • Identifing and assessing the risks by giving priority to the areas that are potentially non-complying with the SA8000 Standard.
  • Carrying out monitoring activities in the workplace to control:
  • The compliance with SA8000 Standard.
  • The implementation of planned actions to face the risks identified by the SPT.
  • The effectiveness of the methods adopted to meet the organization's policies and the Standard requirements.
  • Participating in the preparation of the Social Report and Review of the integrated management system;
  • Ensuring the application of the actions implemented to resolve any non-conformity and the to adopt the corrective and preventive actions.
  • Participating in the preparation of the training/information plan.
  • Collecting information from the interested parties and involve them in monitoring activities;
  • Organizing periodic meetings to identify possible actions to make the application of the Standard more effective.