Possibility to set up (dispose, fix, arrange) up to 3 PUMPS one of which can be also ELECTROMAGNETIC
Possibility of DETERGENT DOSING in conductivity mode through CONDUCTIVE or INDUCTIVE PROBE for a constant concentration of chemical product and RESISTANCE to CRUSTINGS OF LIMESTONE all in temperature compensated
RINSE DOSING MODE ON/OFF + SPEED for a perfect dosing also in few amounts of chimical product (no 1% maximum capacity)
3 DOSING PROGRAMM of 3 chemical products
DETERGENT through Peristaltic Pump (liquids)
RINSE through Peristaltic Pump or electromagnetic pump (for counterpressures rinsing between 3 and 7 bar)
ADDITIVE through Peristaltic Pump Programmable Mode:
- Booster (through Conductive and Inductive Pump)
- Sanitizer (dosing with the detergent or rinse pump)
- Descaler (automatic or manual start)

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