The management of INJECTA strives to pursue a business policy with a core focus on its clients.


Placed in the centre of attention, customer satisfaction is obtained through quality control and continuous monitoring of subjects and means related to products and services offered. The business mission imposes commercial and production choices and is aimed at customer satisfaction, materializing in ongoing guidance and assistance. All internal procedures are tailored at our customer and fitted to its special needs, clearly identified in the pre-contractual stage – and constantly verified in the contractual stage.

The Client

plays an essential and crucial role for the succeess of INJECTA It is therefore important to know him inside out and supply him with products and services complying with his needs in order to create remarkable customer satisfaction.
The definite and binding objectives of INJECTA are the following:
  • the improvement of its business image and its market position, increasing its clientele and turnover and amplifying its sphere of action.
  • gratification of stakeholders involved:
    • of associates by achieving budget goals
    • of customers by progressively reducing the number of complaints and raising their satisfaction
    • of suppliers by refining partnerships
    • of employees by creating employment, reducing absenteeism and disagreement
  • compliance with explicit and implicit contractual commitments
  • attentive communication towards customers
  • customer support

The achievement of the above objectives will reinforce the common awareness of responsability, compatibility, communication, the sharing of ideas, extending our effectiveness on the market and optimizing the efficiency of services. The purpose of our efforts is to convert customer satisfaction into our competitive advantage in an extremely aggressive market. Specific objectives will be set annually by directors and spread out to all employees.

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